Surface Mount Assembly Technology (SMT) printed circuit boards involves the installation of components on the surface of the board by soldering SMD (surface mounted device) components to the pad. This type of installation allows you to place components not only on one side of the PCB (single-sided boards) but also on both (two-way boards). The development of surface mount…
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How Printed Circuit Board Assembly Is Manufactured

Today, Assembling services are considered as one of the most sought-after services in the world. There are many cutting-edge companies requiring the best assembling technology and services.  To meet the needs of these companies assembly manufacturers try to provide their best services. Here, in this post, we are going to discuss how printed circuit board manufacture…
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Printed circuits made with the silk screen technique

Note: The development time of the silk and drying of the cards exposed here, changes depending on the quality of the ink, the type of bulb used and the distance of the light, when exposing the cards. We recommend doing tests until you find the times, that you delay, both the development and the drying of the…
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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers Are Produced

Printed circuit boards, also known as PCIs, are usually out of sight, but they are part of everything that involves technology. Computers, automated chairs (such as dentists), security systems, smartphones, toys, cars and showers are just a few examples of devices that take advantage of these full electronic components boards to perform their respective functionalities. Although…
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Manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards- Xenoa

Printed circuit boards are used extensively in industry and commerce, and are applied in a number of segments, where there is a need for the use of electronic technology. Due to the importance of the product, it is highly recommended to hire a reliable company that is specialized in the manufacture of printed circuit boards, to…
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Why Choose Wiring Harness Manufacturing Service?

In today’s contemporary world, wiring manufacturing and assembly demand have become huge and the industry is growing in leaps and bounds. In the past few decades, the industry has shown tremendous potential in manufacturing at home and outsourcing across the globe.The demand is mainly due to the increasing demand for high quality and performance in…
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