Electronic Design



Whatever electronic design services you need, talk to Xenoa. We offer a broad spectrum of experience to help you meet your needs.

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Software and hardware design, in conjunction with pcb layout and prototyping facilities. Xenoa has the skills to provide our customers with a straight and efficient pathway from Design - NPI - Production. We endeavour to use the latest components and technologies available at the time of design to ensure you get a product design with maximum longevity in terms of component availability and obsolescence. This means longer times between product redesign and therefore lower cost.


With a focus on long term manufacturing partnerships, Xenoa has comprehensive design and development engineering facilities to provide a full product development service, We work closely with our clients at all stages from initial concepts through to full volume manufacturing.

Software and hardware design, together with pcb layout and prototyping facilities, provide our customers with a smooth transition through development to production. These services are fundamental, not only to design for manufacture using proven manufacturing techniques but also design for purchasing, using readily available components and therefore maximising your product's life cycle.